Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catching the Spirit

So, I finished my holiday baking. Here are pictures of my kitchen before and during the baking process:

The list of items made:
English Toffee
Peanut Butter Balls
Mint Chocolate Truffles
Lemon Shortbread
Ginger Snaps
Pumpkin Bread
Raspberry Thumbprints
Mini Pecan Pies
Cranberry Orange Ricotta Cheese Brownies
Chocolate/Carmel Dipped Pretzels
White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

I know, I know, I gave my mom a hard time about her obsession of nativities. I guess I've inherited a bit of the overkill gene myself, only mine is with baking. I love it.

I finished my Christmas shopping for my boys. A and I are not exchanging gifts this year as we're going to Europe this Spring, so we're saving our money for that. I still have our siblings to do.
We finally decorated our Christmas tree today. None of us are feeling spectacular today so we stayed home from Stake Conference and did our tree. This year we got a real live tree. And I do mean "live". We're going to plant it after Christmas. My friend Karen told me that her family had this traditon growing up, so it's one we've decided to adopt. I'm still getting used to not having the traditional looking Christmas tree. This one is native to Arizona, so it's a little Charlie Brown looking, not as much high-mountain looking.
Here's a pic:
I know, it leans a little at the top, but that just adds to the charm, I'm telling myself that anyway. I don't know when I became such a tree hugger as to think this was a fantastic idea, but I'm excited about it!

We also went to 3 Christmas parties this last week. One was to our friend's the Stevens', one was with our friends the Whitmore's and last night was to A's work party. Our friends Mitch and Rachel kindly babysat for us, thanks guys! Mitch even changed a poopy diaper, so brave!

This week we have our ward Christmas party, Relief Soceity Christmas party, will hang the outside Christmas lights, I'm going to my Gourmet Groups Christmas party, and we're trying to go see the Temple Lights and the Zoo Lights at some point. And we need to distribute our goody plates.

Another thing that has given me the Christmas Spirit is the deliciously rainy/cloudy weather we're enjoying.

Here are some pics of the rest of my Christmas Decorations:

There is some controversy over the way I snaked the larger nativity away from my siblings after my mom died. I'll have to include that in another post (this one is too long already).

And I had to include this one. We've had these Reindeer Antlers since E's first Christmas. M is thrilled to be the proud new owner:

Lastly, A came home early on Friday, just cause he loves me and brought me a surprise:

I'm a very lucky girl to be married to such loving husband, not everyone has that luxury.


Becky Porter said...

Wow! I bet your house smells yummy! Your tree is cute--unfortunately I don't think a live tree would mix very well with my 4 kids and one very rambunctious dog :)

I'm glad that you have an amazing husband, too--it makes life such a joy! Hope you feel well soon...

anne said...

I love the tree! The picture of mason is awesome! It almost rivals the one of Ethan and the lights. I'm excited you are going to Europe! Hope you all feel better soon...

Halterman Happenings said...

Alicia, I'm a little dissapointed. I was expecting a more spectacular mess after all of that baking. My kitchen is at least that messy whenever I cook dinner, and much worse anytime Barry steps foot in it. :-) Your goodies do sound divine! Thanks for sharing your Christmas decor! It is so fun to see what everyone does!

Kudos to Adam for being so thoughtful! Don't you love it when the just get it?

Kim said...

I totally love the tree...what a great idea! Sorry to hear your still all feeling yukky, I hope it passes soon!