Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm Back!

I decided just to do my blog myself, I guess I've mostly figured it out. I've had a fairly eventful two weeks.
Last week we went with the youth to the Temple to see the Christmas lights, and E's favorite part, the statue of Christ. He loves being there and listening to the recorded message.
On Thursday we went to the zoo for Zoo Lights, way too many people for my taste. When there is a big crowd like that I feel a little like Rain Man, don't know what to do with myself. "Wapner at 5".
On Friday E, M and I went to my brother's house to decorate ginger bread houses. My sister-in-law is going to send me pics, and I'll post them later.
Then my grandma who is visiting from out of town came to stay with us Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and we took her back to my brother's on Monday.
E was sick all weekend, coughing, congested, etc. So we didn't go to church on Sunday.
Then on Monday, even though E was sick we went to my brother's house again for Christmas festivities. It would have broken his heart had we not gone.
We went bowling and ate pizza, the Reed family Christmas Eve tradition. Some may call it white trash, but I call it F-U-N. Then we went back to my brother's had a holiday feast, the kids did the Nativity play (E was a shepherd, M was the baby Jesus). Then the kids got matching PJ's from Santa, and we read the Christmas story from the Scriptures, and came home. E was so exhausted.
On Christmas Morning E didn't get up until 9:30, very weird, but as he'd been sick, predictable. We had a great breakfast and enjoyed presents. The boys got way to much as usual. A and I didn't buy each other anything, we're saving for our big Europe trip in March.
It was really nice to just spend Christmas with the 4 of us. A got to talk to his brother who gets home from his mission in just a few weeks. I talked to my dad, and A talked to his parents. We also made cornice boxes for my kitchen windows, I love them!
Now, M has gotten sick. He's having a really rough few days. My normally smiley, happy boy is not so smiley or happy. He actually became really grumpy overnight. It's pretty pathetic, he crawls around crying because he just doesn't know what to do with himself. Today he's just slept pretty much all day, when he's not sleeping he just wants to be cuddled, so I try to indulge him. E's been really sweet to let me take the extra time with M today. I have a great family.
Here are some pics (alas, I only got video of Christmas morning, no still pictures, I'm silly):

Bowling pics, the other little boy is my nephew Jacob. He is E's FAVORITE person in the world:

Nativity pics, No costumes for our family. In one, E is beholding the star in the sky:
And super comfy Jammies:

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