Friday, December 21, 2007

Missing an extension of myself

My computer has something wrong with it, and it is being fixed this week.  So I don't have internet at my house and am just about going crazy.  Also, you may have notice that I've update my blog a bit (well, actually A's friend is helping me do it and he's been busy at work so progress is a bit slow).  And I've lost my sidebar info.  If you see this, please email me with your blog address so I can redo my sidebar with your links.  Thanks!
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!  I'll post with pictures of our festivities after my computer is all better.


April said...

Good luck with your transition. I hope your computer gets fixed quickly. I'm surprised you only have one in your house? ;)
Have a Merry Christmas!

Kyla Pew said...

HI! I am just as addicted as you are to this blogging thing! We miss seeing Ethan every week, he is such a sweet boy and always made us laugh! I just found out we are distantly related too! How fun is that?! See ya Sunday!