Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans' Day

I love the United States of America and am so grateful to the men and women who willingly have given their lives or are now putting their lives in harms way to see that my family has the ability to worship and live the way we see fit. I always cry when the National Anthem is sung or played (but I cry about most things anyway). I was at the Pearl Harbor monument a few years ago and walked into the room where they have the names of those who died and those who were been interred with their units later, and I walked in and saw a young boy probably nine or ten, standing very reverently with is hat removed to show respect, and my I was so touched by his patriotism, one that I hope to instill in my sons as well. I truly feel that everyone who has the privilege of living here should stand and support those serving in the name of freedom.
I also saw this on Kim's blog and thought I'd list it here as well. I cried watching it (again, I cry at most things). -- Enjoy!

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