Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How Much Listening is Acutally Required of a Mother?!

It's mostly my fault (mostly). Today E came to me and told me that they (he and Hunter, a little boy I babysit) were picking leaves for his caterpillar. As per usual I said something to the effect of 'Oh, that sounds like fun' and continued on my merry way doing whatever it was I was doing at the moment. Here is the result:

My poor little plant! I had just gotten done reviving it from being sick in the first place, and now it's become plastic caterpillar food!
I really have no one to blame but myself. The problem being that E says so much per day that I can only take in about 65% of what comes out of that cute little mouth. If I actually processed everything I'd probably be much crazier than I already am. I have to hold tight to every sliver of sanity that I currently posses, it's a greatly appreciated commodity around here.


Becky Porter said...

You are so funny, Alicia! Poor plant...but at least you still have some of that sanity to hang on to :).

I must confess that I probably only listen to about 65% of what my children say!

Amberly said...

I think this is hilarious- although I'll mourn a little for your sad little plant. I supppose you could simply be grateful for the fantastic imagination little Ethan has!

Kim said...

That's hysterical!!! Maybe the plant has nine lives? Try naming it kitty...who knows?

Halterman Happenings said...

I can so relate. Ethan is a bit like Kira. Must be the first-born thing.