Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She crawls

The little lady crawls, she just started today.  She thinks she is pretty hot stuff (and she is).
It's fun to finally see the things that she has been just dying to be able to do, but been unsuccessful at until self-propulsion was possible, like messing with the DVD cabinet, looking out the window at birds, chasing after me when I don't take her with me from room to room.
Have I told you how EASY this baby is?  She is quite possibly the easiest baby ever.  She isn't at all as high maintenance as everyone has told me girls are.  She cries when she's hungry or tired.  She eats baby food well and when you lay her down to sleep she just does it.  She is happy and smiling almost always and loves to watch her brothers. 
She likes to look at animals but more specifically dogs.  She loves going for walks and being outside.  She loves swimming.  She dances when she hears any sort of music, but really loves the Powell Electric commercial.
She is wonderful!

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Amberly said...

I wish I could see you with a baby girl- I imagine yours has brought your house as much joy as ours has! Love that you'll be blogging more often- miss you!