Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come Back

I have been contemplating my blogging comeback for a while and have been putting it off for a lot of reasons, none of which are any good so I will spare you the effort of hearing them.  So I will just give a run down of major events

The past several months since I've posted have seemed so busy, busy, busy.

We had an excellent summer.  The boys did a lot of backpacking and hiking while the girls stayed at home and slept in beds.  We went swimming a lot at friends pools.  Mr. A and I went paddle-boarding with some friends, it was our first time.  It was fun and easier than I expected.  A's brother got married and we are super excited for a new sister-in-law.  The Haltermans from AZ came to stay with us for a few days (we literally live less than 6 miles from the beach and less than 20 from Disneyland.  We love having company so if anyone wants to come stay, please do!).  My nephew Jacob (E's most favorite being in entirety) stayed with us for a week then E went to stay with him for a week in the Bay Area.  We had a family reunion with my side of the family at Lake Tahoe.  E went to Cub Scout Day Camp, which he thought was the best thing ever.  I got a new bike so we have been doing some family cruising. 

Lots and Lots of fun!

My new goal is to blog every Friday, starting tomorrow. 

Contemplating topics....

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