Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy 9!

Mr. E. is nine-years-old today.

Happy birthday to my favorite blond boy! 

Nine things about Mr. E:

1.  He is very smart.  He is an excellent reader and excels in all subjects at school but math and science are his favorites.

2.  He is very tender hearted.  He genuinely always wants to do what is right.  He loves to make people happy and is always confident that people love him.

3.  He is a very loyal friend.  Once he loves you, it is with a passion.

4.  He is very responsible.  He can be relied on to fulfill any assignment or duty.

5.  He is brave.  He is always willing to try to overcome any fear that pops up.

6.  He earned his yellow belt in jiu jitsu.

7.  He has been going backpacking with his dad frequently and loves it.  It is a very special time for the two of them.

8.  He is a great helper.

9.  He loves Heavenly Father and isn't afraid to be a missionary.

I love this boy!

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