Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

Today is the first day of 3rd grade for Mr. E. and the first day of school ever for Mr. M!

E is now in what they call 'upper' grade levels so he goes to school for 45 minutes longer than last year. 
He is excited to see all of his friends and to be able to play on the big kids playground.  He gets to ride his bike to school (we are very lucky that we live less than a football field distance from his school, it's a straight shot too, nowhere to get lost.  You can see the school yard from my kitchen window).  He is most looking forward to recess, lunch, computers and science.

Mr. M woke up bright and early and sang all morning "It's school day, It's school day, It's a great day!"  He is so excited to meet new friends and is ready to learn.  He is a 'Later Gator' so he gets to go to school a little later than E and gets out about 40 minutes before his brother.  He also gets to eat lunch at school. 

It's a good day.

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