Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Starting -- Cycle 1 -- Days 11 & 12

Yesterday I had my Hystersalpingogram. I started taking antibiotics the day before the exam and are continuing them today. I'm not able to take the Metformin while taking the antibiotics, which has been a relief to my stomach. I went to the health center and had an x-ray done of my reproductive organs to see if there were any blockages or any other issues that would need to be addressed (other than the PCOS). They use a contrasting iodine based solution to make sure the organs show up on the x-ray. It was very interesting to see a real time shot of my uterus and fallopian tubes (I almost posted one of the pictures, but decided to spare the exceptionally personal stuff). It was also interesting to see the solutions spilling out of my tubes at the ovary end, into the abyss that is the cavity of my body surrounding them. Overall the experience wasn't terrible. It was about as uncomfortable as having a pelvic exam, not how I would choose to spend any free time I might have in the near future but not a dreaded ordeal either.
Today I had my 12 day appointment with Dr. Moayeri. She looked at the pictures of the x-rays, but didn't have the report from the health center yet, but she said that the pictures looked good, that my tubes look clear since you can see the solution exiting the opposite end of them, and the uterus looks like it filled up just the way it was supposed to. She also did an ultrasound of my ovaries to see if there are any eggs developing or that I ovulated since I've been on the Metformin, both answers were, 'No'. I wasn't expecting to have either of those happened based on my previous experiences with Metformin. I started taking the Femara today: two 2.5 mg tablets daily for 5 days. I'll have another doctor appointment in 10 days to see what effect that dosage may have. I told Dr. Moayeri about the Metformin giving me stomach problems and she suggested to take both tablets at dinnertime to see if that alleviates some of my discomforts.

It feels weird to not be stressing about this. While trying to get pregnant with my boys I had such a high level of anxiety that this not weirding-out feeling is kind of making me concerned. I feel I'm walking a fine line between trusting in Heavenly Father and relying too heavily on the arm of man. I am aware that I can't do this without His help, but maybe it's inappropriate for me to assume that He'll send me a baby just because I start seeing a doctor. I hope I'm not missing something here?


Keri Oke said...

good luck on this huge endevor. i know exactly how strange it feels to be so calm and still through such a great challenge. i too have felt the same way through my pregnancy. though im facing down syndrome and still born i for some reason have remained strong and content for i too know that i cant do this alone. i am also sceptical to rely on this intuitions as complete assurance that it will be okay. i dont and cant place that feeling apon my Heavenly Father for i dont want to recent him if things dont work out as good as i feel. i totally understand ur feelings i really do. good luck to you.

The last Unicorn said...

Glad to hear the tubes are clear! Remind me to tell you about my experience with "matt".
Maybe the stress you felt previously made you learn something so that now you can go into this whole thing a little more calm, having gained knowledge from before that gives you more confidence in what is possible...? Praying for you!

The John Family said...

I'm just catching up on your blog. I'm so happy you are having such peace with this process. I don't want to apply any unnecessary pressure but I'm really rooting for you guys. I'll be praying right along with you. I really hope a sweet spirit or two are sent for you guys to love. It would be a lucky child indeed. :)

The McKinnon 4 said...

We just did 200 mg. of folicle growth. We meet with the doc tomorrow to see what the new plan is.