Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Things they do when they are excited:

E hops up and down on his tippy toes, straight up into the air.

M claps his hands 3 times in quick succession.

I don't think that either one of them is aware that they are doing it when they do. It's pretty darn cute.

E earned an award for Academic Acheivement in his first trimester of school. That means he got top grades in his class --he's a smarty -- that one.

M figured out how to ride his tricycle. For some reason he had a really hard time for a long time doing the pedals. Now his ambition in life is to ride down to the lightpole and back. He wears his helmet and a pair of riding gloves.

E CAN NOT wait for Santa to come. He changes his mind weekly as to what he wants the big guy to bring. It's hard for Santa to keep up and he hopes that this good little boy will not be too disappointed when he gets the thing that he wanted so desperately 2 months ago, instead of what he wants this week.

M on the other hand does not want Santa to come at all. He finds the jolly-old-elf completely terrifying and would rather forego the presents if it means running the risk of the bearded red one actually getting into the house. He has always had a deep seeded mistrust of men with facial hair.

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