Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm looking for a synonym to express my feelings towards my brother Brian.

At the end of September he donated a kidney to my dad.

Here is what the thesaurus suggests for my feelings about this:

acknowledge, be grateful, be indebted, beobligated, be obliged, bless, bow down, givethanks, kiss*, praise, say thank you, showappreciation, show courtesy, show gratitude,smile on

For some reason none of these words quite grasps what my spirit feels. Without his sacrifice things would be hugely different for me. My mom lost her fight with cancer and my dad is the parent I have left. Without Brian I may not even have him.

To him it was something that just needed to be done. To me it means I have a spiritual guide for tough times, an example of faith, a rock of reason, a papa for my boys, a friend for my husband, a provider of comfort, an example of righteous priesthood, an easy place to land.

If I could find a word in the English language that means humbled, relieved, peaceful, inspired, indebted, I would say it. But I don't, and the offspring of all those emotions is the one that I feel.

Somehow, 'Thanks' just doesn't even brush the fringes of my expressions towards my dear friend Brian.

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Amberly said...

this is beautiful. your love, admiration and gratitude is evident.