Saturday, November 13, 2010


In the past I've been very private about our fertility efforts and this time I'm putting myself out there with this experience. I believe we are given trials for not only our benefit but also to bless the lives of others. Maybe someone out in the blog-o-sphere might take comfort in or learn something from my experiences, maybe the someone will be me.
On Wednesday, we had our first fertility appointment with Dr. Moayeri here in Orange County. She comes with glowing recommendations by two of my friends. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about PCOS. I already know the medications that work for me in my efforts of getting pregnant and she is open to picking up that treatment again instead of trying to put me back on the medications that I know do not help me at all. (Unless you count getting fat and crazy as effective).
She did let me know that since I do have PCOS I need to be sure to have my primary care physician test me for Diabetes, Thyroid disease, and Metabolic Syndrome at least every other year.
She ordered up my glucose screening and infectious disease blood work as well as checking my thyroid levels and my kidney functions because of my PKD as well and will check with my ob/gyn since I already had my lipids/cholesterol checked there at my last pap.
She was friendly with Adam and included him in the conversation, which is important as well.
Her nurse called me on Thursday to let me know that my pregnancy test was negative (as expected) and my thyroid levels were good. She also stressed that if I remember to do nothing else, it's to call their office on the first day of my cycle.
I had my blood drawn yesterday (8 vials full, it was a lot), and will call on Monday to see if my results are in.
Avandia the insulin resistance medication I've used with success in the past has been removed from the market because of liver toxicity and heart failure in some patients. I'll start my Metformin as soon as she gives me the clear. I'll go in for another visit in one month to check if I've ovulated, if not then they'll give me an injection to start a cycle, and begin my Femara then. I also will have a hysterosalpingogram between days 9 and 12 of my cycle to make sure that my tubes are nice and clear, which apparently can help move things along easier just by having that done, kind of a roto-rooter.
Last Saturday I called every temple in the continental US and Hawaii (not sure why I left our Alaska, I'll include them next time) to put my name and a friend who is going through a rough patch right now, on their prayer rolls. Standard procedure for all temples except for a few is names to remain on the rolls for two weeks. I figured the extra prayers would benefit our family.
I'm feeling very optimistic at this stage. It is time for our family to grow, and I know that blessings come when we do our part, and in the case of my family expanding I have to do everything I can on my end to prepare my body to support an egg, and thus a baby. I believe in miracles, both of my boys are miracles, and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles. One will come. I have faith.


The last Unicorn said...

I am so glad you liked Sharon. And I totally agree that our trials somehow help us to bless others and ourselves. That is awesome you called all the temples! I never thought to do that. I am just lucky I married a man who thought to go each week and do it for us :) Praying for miracles!

Mrs. Brown and Mrs.Webb said...

We will keep you in our prayers. I'm so sorry that you've had to struggle with this. Good luck with everything.

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry Alicia. We will keep you and your family in our prayers and send lots of positive, happy thoughts your way :) Call me if you need ANYTHING!

Amberly said...

I'm excited for you and that I get to be a little part of your journey as your share it. We'll add your name to our prayer list around here!