Friday, November 19, 2010

Starting -- Part II

My test results for my Infectious Diseases, Prenatal panel, Prolactin, TSH, Glucose and Insulin, Thyroid, and Kidney Function all came in on Wednesday, so I was given the clear to start taking the Metformin. I am taking two 750mg of extended release per day. I also am taking Prevara for 10 days to jump start my cycle. We could have waited until it happened on it's own, but not knowing when that might happen would only delay all of the rest of the procedures. The Metformin was rough on my stomach for the first 2 days but seems to be a little better today.
The next step is to wait for my cycle to start, call Dr. Moayeri, and make my appointment for the hysterosalpingogram for between days 9 and 12.
A still has to do his infectious disease screening, I'll try to have him do it next week. In the state of California, if there is going to be any IUI done, then the infectious disease screening is required by law.

It was pointed out to me that I should feel lucky for having a husband and child, other people don't have the opportunity to have what I have. Luck has nothing to do with this, I am blessed. I made the choice to date and fall in love with an honorable preisthood holder, and I am making the choice to ask Heavenly Father to expand my family. I didn't choose PCOS, but I am choosing to do everything I can to make my physical body prepared to receive yet another blessing. I'm doing my part and trusting in the Lord to do his part.

I am truly blessed.

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The Malone's said...

Alicia, I appreciated these past blogs. Its made me re-evaluate what I need to do help the Lord bless me in the same department. I've been once to a fertility specialist only to be told that nothing was wrong with us. So I'm a little hesitant to really push further now that we're 3 years down that same path yet again. So I'm curious and open to see what you will do and how I can apply it to me. Thanks for sharing.