Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm going Postal

So here in our subdivision we have those centrally located mailboxes rather than one at each house for the mail-carrier to drop off our correspondence, this makes it easier on the mail delivery system, they're more efficient, faster, and more organized this way... or so they say. Our address is XXXX S. ## Lane in Phoenix, we are the only people who have lived in this house as it was newly constructed when we moved in 2 1/2 + years ago. Well, when the geniuses who named our street did so, they also named an adjacent street ## Ave. Coincidentally there is also an XXXX S. ## Ave. So here's my rage for today: Our rocket scientist mail-carrier puts at LEAST 1 piece of mail per day on average for our lovely neighbors who live on ## Ave in our mailbox. Last week I received 6 pieces of mail in one day for ##Ave. Not only that but I've received mail for XXXX S. !! Lane, XXXX S. @@ lane, and XXXX S. $$ lane. This would seem like a simple mistake, however, inside each mail box there is a little name plate showing the last names of all of the people who reside at that address. There are only Gilberts living in this house, not Caldarons, Ramirez, Harpers, or Smiths, however we routinely receive mail for them. I've received paychecks, magazines, jury summons, wedding invitations, power bills, packages, credit cards, and even some body's Green Card from the INS. If I were not an honest person I'm sure I could have sold that for some extra cash, but being the nice neighbor that I am, I go around the neighborhood and distribute the mail to the correct homes. I'm thinking that the federal government needs to pay me some back pay for my mail-carrying services, not to mention benefits, vacation time, 401K, bonuses (you get the picture). Here's the real kicker: I've only had neighbors distribute my mistaken mail about 4 times in the last few years. I'm hoping that my neighbors are as honest I am and not taking my mismailed credit solicitations, filing them out and using credit cards under my name that have been sent to them. I have been so nervous to have anything important mailed to me that we had A's passport mailed to his parents house in California to be sure that we got it and not someone else. I now understand why those postal workers went berserk a few years ago and shot their coworkers up, the stress of delivering mail can really get to a person, I would know, I'm an unofficial employee, and most days I feel the rage at my fellow delivery personnel.


Becky Porter said...

OK--Alicia this post made me laugh so hard. I love that the way you wrote the addresses made them look like swear words (you know--#*%!). Maybe this was on purpose :)

Anyway, I am leaving this comment to tell you that you have been tagged. Please tell us all 6 random things about yourself. See my blog for more info. Thanks!

Amberly said...

This was very well put! I have the very same issue, although our stuff doens't get mixed up quite as much, but occasionally I'll have to visit one street over to deliver mail. And the nice guy that lives there comes and brings me my packages. The weird thing is that my street name is completely different from his, but we share the same house number. Poor postal workers, get it right, will ya?!