Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Weekend!

This weekend we took the boys to my in-laws house in Southern California. We left on Thursday after A got home from work and came home Sunday night. On Friday we went to some apple orchards. It was nice a chilly. One of the drawbacks of living here in AZ is that the seasons don't really change. There are really no indications that it is fall, and it makes me a little sad. We had a great time, E got to feed some deer, and we really enjoyed being in the mountains.

On Saturday we drove down to Miramar Marine Corp Air Station for the Air Show. We got to see all kinds of cool airplanes. Ethan got to sit in the LAPD's helicopter, which he thought was great. A held M up to sit on top of a planes gun thingy (A could tell you what it is called, but I'm a girl, and have no idea what it is other than where the bullets come out of the plane). M even took a nap in the stroller at the air show and didn't even mind the noise. We did put earplugs in his ears earlier while the jets were doing their demonstrations, he looked a little like Frankenstein. On the way back to my in-laws E totally zonked in the car.

It was a really nice weekend to spend some time with our family and enjoy being out doors.

Not so smartly I wore new shoes to both events and now have nice blisters on my heals. But they were really cute shoes.


The Malone's said...

Isn't the air show great? I went there when I was 16 and loved it. I'm glad you had fun but looked chilly. We'll see if my boys freeze when we go for Halloween. Welcome to Blogspots by the way.

Becky Porter said...

Looks like fun! You, me, and Amberly were all in California the same weekend :)

Amberly said...

sorry about the blisters, but you always have cute shoes! glad you had a good weekend together

April said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun!