Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Bits

Last week a friend from A's work gave us free tickets to Disneyland.  We kept the boys out of school for a day and spent it at California Adventure.  We had a great time.  Miss M. stayed awake nearly the entire day, which is super impressive since she's not even 1 year old yet.  The boys had fun, loved the new 'Cars Land', and had a great time going on old favorites.  It was a perfect day to go, the crowd was manageable, and I think the longest line we waited in was about 25 minutes, which for Disneyland is super quick.

We went out to dinner last night to Mimi's Cafe.  Mr. M. was quite impressed, he told us he had never been to such a fancy restaurant. 

I have a long list of deep cleaning to do before the Thanksgiving festivities begin.  There are things that really could be done right now, but I prefer to wait until the last minute so my house is as clean as possible when all the joy starts, rather than doing it now and then having to again right before.

Contemplating what to make for my Christmas goodie plate this year.  I didn't do it last year since Miss M. was brand new, so I'm having a hard time figuring out what I should do, if I should stick with old favorites or try some new ones?  Do I want several kinds or just a few really yummy things? 

So glad it finally feels like Fall here in the South Land.  It was so hot for so long that I was just done with it.  (I know... I can hear my AZ friends all the way from here, I have it pretty nice compared to the weather there.  But come ON people, it was never 90 degrees inside my house when I lived there.) 

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