Monday, March 21, 2011


A big fat hug and thank you needs to go out to Lindsay!
She invited me to join her gourmet group, one of the thousands of things I've missed about Arizona.
Since the first time she mentioned that she belonged to a Gourmet Group I've just been waiting for someone to 'kick the bucket' and leave the group so there might be an opening for me, lucky for me it just so happened that it was Lindsay's sister-in-law who left, providing me an 'in' and someone who I couldn't be more excited to host with. Our month is June, already the wheels are turning, planning, thinking, drooling.
I had my first fabulous gourmet dinner in California last Tuesday night, and it reminded me just how so, so, so, much fun these events can be.

(This is a bit late, sorry, it doesn't mean I'm not totally excited about it).

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