Monday, March 7, 2011

Cycle V -- Day 3

I went in for my baseline ultrasound today. Dr. M. and I talked and decided that we'll do IUI this month, and if I don't get pregnant this cycle that I'll need to start doing hMG shots next cycle. But in the meantime I start my Femara again tonight and go back for an ultrasound on day twelve.

Lessons learned:
1. Glazed doughnuts really do make the world a little bit brighter.
2. Don't blog about starting a new cycle on the first day.

Looking back my post seems a little dramatic, and while it is a true view of my heart on Saturday a few days have made a big difference. I'm still deeply disappointed and am not sure if I can talk about it in person without crying, but we'll see, I suppose.
It's hard because we all have a game plan for what we want the plays to be for our lives. But then a linebacker pops up. While not everyone deals with infertility there is always something; whether it be divorce, death of a loved one, an unexpected career change, any personal disaster and suddenly the playbook is altered and we find ourselves scrambling to figure out which way to run next; and then we think we see the touchdown on the horizon and the quarterback gets sacked. But I'm not at the 4th and 10, more like the 1st and 3-ish, and it's not quite the fourth quarter, more like half-time.

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Moms Corner said...

Oh this unfortunately sounds all too familiar!! We are at the exact same step. I go in in about a week to get info on the shot. I am yet to show any folicle growth during this whole long process (since July) and it can be discouraging! I guess all we can do is hang in there and pray it happens soon!