Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cycle V -- Day 1

I started my new cycle today. My brain says that I'm fine, that I can wait another month. But my heart isn't in agreement. I feel like a hot shower, a raised doughnut, and bed.

I'll talk about this in a few days, but not today.


The last Unicorn said...

:( If you want to talk, cry or vent to anyone... call me.

Keri Oke said...

oh girly im so sorry. hang in there. a great power and energy will follow this pain. for now give urself a brake to rejuvinate and refuel. some of the trials the Lord gives us seem far greater then anything we can handle but always know that youll be better for it in the end. just when we think weve had enough the confusion and pain hits its greatest peak i know this from the life lessons my cancer has taught me. love ya lots. we should hold a family/friend fast for u. im nursing but could carry one mighty prayer for you. think about it. in the new testiment i forget the details but the apostles just recieved the priesthood and tried healing and delivering miracles to thos in need, they were frustrated why their blessing left poeple still searchingfor a miracle. the Lord responded to his apostles by saying these people need to build more faith through prayer and fasting he then will heal them.fasting isa powerful thing. enjoy ur hot shower and moment of hybernation, The Lord is right behind u ready to sweep u back on ur feet

Himesclan said...

Good luck to you and I'm thinkin' of you.
love ya.