Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I don't tweet, but if I did, I would have for sure today

I have a new BFF, her name is Rose, despite the language barrier this lady had me at hello, she is a massage therapist at Tracy Nails on the corner of B&T. Is it possible to love someone's hands as much as I loved this lady's? I'm being disloyal, I have a sister and two friends who are amazing MTs, but this lady is special. Oh the magic of that hour! A gave me a gift certificate for Christmas: $60 for a 1 hour pedicure and a 1 hour massage. If he had spent $560 I would not have felt cheated, that's how much I enjoyed Rose and her services. If I wasn't so selfish I'd tell her that she should be working for celebrities, but I think I'll keep her right here in the OC, thank you very much.

For $12.99 I got a pair of pj bottoms at Target and they are the most comfortable item of clothing I currently own, I just might go get 12 or 40 more pairs. They're the best under $13 investment I've made in several years.

I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time yesterday. It was an interesting experience, the brow part was less painful than waxing, but the lid part was way more painful than waxing, like a cross between waxing and plucking. The jury is still out as to whether I'll do it again, but I guess for $7, the deal can't be beat. Hollywood Eyebrows in the WM mall, upstairs outside of Target.

For Valentine's Day A and I went out to dinner at a Shabu Shabu restaraunt. This was my first experience with Shabu Shabu - similar to the Melting Pot, but without cheese. They bring you a pot of broth, and you cook your meat and veggies at the table. You could either eat it in a soup, or on a plate. They had two amazing sauces, one was a sesame sort of sauce and the other was a ponzu sauce (which I LOVED), and they had a paste that wasn't wasabi, but better, I have no idea what it was, but when mixed with soy sauce it was perfection. We were adventurous and it paid off. We then went to see Harry Potter 7 part I at the $3 theater and loved it, are a bit ashamed that we didn't see it earlier, but are glad that we finally did, it was excellent.

Went to a bodyworks class on Friday to an instructor that I hadn't been to before and she really kicked my hiney. My arms ached for days, will definitely go back. If you don't feel the burn then the workout was a failure, in my opinion.

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The last Unicorn said...

I have never experienced Rose... but will definitely be asking for her the next time I go to Tracy's. And the threading takes some getting use to. It is painful... but I feel like the pain subsides after the first 10 sec. I love Shabu-Shabu! Did you go to the one on Garfied? It's delicious! Sounds like you had a magical week. I am a little jeaous.