Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cycle IV -- Days 12, 14, 16 & 17

I went last week on day 12 to check my follicles and there was no growth. I was extremely bummed, but they scheduled me to come back 2 days later to see if there was any change. I went in on day 14 and there were two that were getting close and 1 that didn't look like it would make it, but none of them were ready to be stimulated for ovulation so they scheduled me for day 16, I went back on day 16 and the one of the two bigger ones was ready, Dr. M. was not in the office and the LPN wanted me to wait one more day to see if the smaller of the two larger ones would grow as that would give me two mature eggs. I went back on day 17 and both of the larger ones were ready and the smaller 3rd was almost ready, so Dr. M. had me do the hCG injection since she didn't think the biggest one would last another day. A and I decided to not do IUI this cycle, just try things on our own. IUI is so stressful that I think I needed a break from it. So here I sit on day 20 waiting to see what happens. It would be awesome to get pregnant without the IUI procedure, but if it doesn't work out that way, we'll be back in next cycle. I go in next Monday which will be day 25 to have a progesterone blood test to be sure that I ovulated.

My last period lasted a very long time, usually I am 7 days even, but for some reason I went for almost 11. It was pretty disconcerting, but Dr. M. said it was nothing to worry about.

Both this time and last time after the hCG injection I had pretty severe cramping during the following 48 hours. I can only guess that it had to do with ovulation, but will have to ask Dr. M. My breasts have been pretty tender both this cycle and last cycle as well. Last cycle they stopped being so sensitive 3 or 4 days before I started my period.

I had A give me a priesthood blessing on Sunday night and I won't go in to details as I feel that blessing are very personal. Blessings are a tricky thing, sometimes you hear what you want, sometimes you don't, sometimes you hear something totally unexpected. All of the above happened for me this time. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who honors his priesthood and is worthy to act in the name of our Savior. It was a good experience and I feel peaceful about whatever the outcome of our fertility treatments may be. Putting my testimony out in such a public setting as this and expressing my confidence in what I feel lays in store for me is incredibly scary. I hope that I am able to not take the pressure too personally.

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The last Unicorn said...

When I got pregnant with James, I ovulated way late too... like day 22! Hopefully late ovulation works in your favor. And that would be awesome to "get in done" with out using IUI. As always... you are in my prayers.