Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting -- Cycle III -- Days 1 & 2

Yesterday I started cycle 3 of this journey. I was due to go in for a blood pregnancy test and since my cycle started in the morning I called and cancelled my appointment. The nurse called back and said that they still wanted me to come in since there are some women who bleed in the first trimester, and since I'd had post-implantation bleeding with both pregnancies I thought there was a possibility that was what it had been. I went in for the test and a baseline ultrasound.
Bloodwork came back after lunch time. Negative. I was not overly surprised. I'd figured all week that I wasn't pregnant and have been very calm about it. After the hCG injections to stimulate ovulation on Christmas Eve there was only about 36 hours that A and I were together, so I was not confident in the effectiveness of our endeavors.
While it would have been a wonderful surprise to be pregnant, I am not stressed about it. I had a very tiny amount of hope that it had worked, but in my heart I knew I was not. My hope is not gone for the furture, I just knew it wasn't that month, soon, but not for cycle II.

I start taking two 2.5mg of Femara tomorrow and am continuing on the Metformin, which isn't giving me as many stomach problems. I go in for another ultrasound on day 12 or 13, depending on when I can schedule the appointment for.

Still feeling good!

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