Saturday, January 8, 2011


Growing up our family had a cat, her name was Taffy and she was the sweetest cat in the the world, truly and honestly. She was also a might huntress. She would always bring prey home, one time a small rabbit, another time a duck and managed to carry them up on top of the roof and drop them next to my parents bedroom window. When I was about 16 she had to wear The Cone. She got a bad cut on one of her shoulders and had to have it stitched up and then was sentenced to the cone so she wouldn't bite the stitches. She was so funny, at first when she would wake up the cone would scare her and she would try to back out of it; or if I put her down on my bed and the cone was facing down and she couldn't see what was on either side she would just sit there with her face stuck to the bed. It was pretty darn funny at the time.
In other non-fertility related news: I got glasses. I have been fighting it for years and have ignored my need to squint at things more than 70 feet away, but I gave in. I went in for my eye appointment and found out I have Astigmatism and need prescription glasses especially for driving. I was very glad to know that I don't have to wear them all the time. And now that I have them I can feel for poor Taffy. My peripheral vision with them on is blocked and it sucks not being able to see to the sides because of a blockage.
I don't love them.

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