Saturday, January 16, 2010

Before and After

Before I was a mom:

I cursed those who used the carpool lane with just themselves and one in a car seat as their '2 persons per vehicle'.

I swore my children would never eat a happy meal.

People who didn't put pants on their children and just let them run around in a diaper were 'white trash'.

I would never let my kids watch TV.

I thought hot dogs were an unacceptable lunch option.

After I was a mom:

Did you know that you can drive all the way to Disneyland in the carpool lane from my house?

M really wants to go to 'Mickey-donalds'.

When you live in Phoenix, sometimes pants are just too dang hot.

I enjoy using the restroom without someone standing there watching me, the TV is great at keeping little peepers out of the bathroom.

E loves Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

Anyone else lower their standards since becoming a mom?


Kendra@My Insanity said...

absolutely! I just wish everyone who doesn't have children,yet--so has it all figured out, would understand and cut us a little slack!

Sharr said...

AMEN! that's all i got.... totally the mom i used to make fun of.

Anne said...

Alicia in case I haven't said this in a while...YOU ROCK!!! I miss you very much! Reading your blogs are almost embarrassing because it seems as though you pull the words I am too afraid to say out loud right out of my head.

I am happy to see that you are seeing the sunshine once again!

I love you TONS!!!!

Anne said...

ps I made your scrumptous crescent roll recipe today and it was awesome!