Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon

I came down from a nap yesterday and this is what I found on the counter:

What a sweet boy I have!

I go to the gym and there is a lady who gravity has not been kind too, she really needs to start showering with the shower curtain closed.

I'm excited to go to Phoenix this weekend, but also nervous about seeing my house. My homesickness has been high lately, and I think I'm going to be sad to see my house, which I love, with someone else living in it.

I need new shoes, perhaps on the way back from Phoenix we'll stop at the outlet stores in Cabazon and get me some.

We met our financial goal for the month of January, that makes me very happy.

I need to start cutting out heart shapes for E's school Valentines, but I can think of a few other things that I would rather do.

Poor M, I took him to get new shoes, he'd been wearing a size 7, when they measured his feet they said he needs an 8 1/2! He never complained when I put his shoes on him, I didn't know they were that bad off.

Sprouts finally opened in my neighborhood! I am so excited to have this store close by. Opening day was a madhouse, but people were courteous and friendly, which made the craziness tolerable.

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Amberly said...

give ethan some scissors and have him cut his own hearts! and any chance we can see you this weekend??