Friday, September 5, 2008

Today -- Nothing Deep

On my mind:
M insists on feeding himself. This morning it was Cheerios. I died just a little every time he took a bite and the milk spilled all down the front of him. I need to relinquish control here.
I was recently involved in an event which left me feeling moderately embarassed by poor performance (nothing risque, compromising or malignant, so stop thinking naughty stuff). I have half a mind to email the others involved and apologize to them, but I would hate to embarass the rest of the party, so maybe I should just suffer in silence (most of you will have no idea what I'm talking about, so please don't take any of our recent interactions to heart and assume I am speaking of you).
Finally started reading 'Breaking Dawn' -- two chapters last night, my husband and children may not see me the rest of the weekend if I pick it back up.
Bunco last night was well worth it.
Anyone interested in having an appetizer party? I sorted through my recipes last night and realized I have more recipes for appetizers than I do for any other food category. I think I've only tried 4 or 5 of the recipes. What on earth am I hanging on to all the rest for? I need to try the others. I'd cook, you just show up, how'd's that sound? No other purpose than for me to try my recipes and decide which ones to keep and which to toss.
My house is a mess. But I really don't care enough to do anything about it today.
Watched 'High School Musical' yesterday, I think it's a good thing I don't have girls. It was fine, I just would never be able to justify seeing it more than once.


Scrap Happy said...

I'd be happy to come over and eat your appetizers anytime!

And HSM is great! What do you mean? I think you need to getcha head in the game...

Lindsay said...

Hey Alicia, I'm up for an appetizer plan it and I'll be there. And as for HSM, I'm with Shellie, that is one of the greatest shows. Did you notice I have a "Troy and Gabriella" song on my blog playlist? It's from HSM 2, have you seen that one? It's great too! And HSM 3 comes out October 24th...wanna come with us?! Talk to you soon...

Lindsay said...

I'm up for an appetizer party!! And HSM is awesome. My whole family loves it...Stevie plays Troy and Madison is Gabriella. We have the soundtrack of both HSM 1 and 2. Wanna come see HSM 3 with us October 24?? Talk to you soon. And I will definitely be at Bunco next month...I've just been at my cabin these last times.

Matthew said...

For some reason i have this inkling feeling I'm going to be the one with the girls in the family, so no worries.
Gah can you imagine how incredibly spoiled any granddaughters would be in this family? Grandpa would be wrapped around they're little fingers. Grandma... I dont think she'd know what to do with herself. Now just to work on finding myself a girl and making it happen. I gotta "throw it down" some time or another.