Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to My 1st Miracle

Happy birthday to my biggest boy.
Five years old! I can hardly believe it. You're so big now, and smart, funny, happy, loving, you are a good boy with an amazing heart.
I remember so clearly right after you were born how there was just an overwhelming need in my soul to make sure that nothing bad ever happens to you.
You have such a huge spirit that I remember being overwhelmed with amazement at how it could all fit in to that little body of yours, it just filled the whole room up, it still does.
You are my favorite blond son!
I love you with all my pieces.
Unfortunately, my camera is broken, so I can't take a picture of you on your 5th birthday.


Amberly said...

happy birthday ethan, we love you!!

The McKinnon 4 said...


Jeff and Ashleigh said...

Happy birthday little guy! 5 is so grown up!

Lindsay said...

All that dark hair, unbelievable!