Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Be Prepared...

...For a super cute photo of my youngest at the end of this post.

M at 16 months:
*Takes a tissue and 'blows' his nose, all by himself.
*He's a left foot tap dancing fool.
*Loves the vaccum, whenever I get it out, he runs around in circles squealing with delight.
*Still not a word out of this kids mouth.
*Give a cheesy grin just to make me smile.
*Runs to the bathroom everytime he hears the bath water start.
*Loves to push things, the grocery cart, the broom, the vaccum...
*Folds his arms to pray.
*Wants to feed himself, completely. Will often reject food that is offered to him by me, but give him his own fork or spoon, and suddenly, it's the most delicious item he's ever encountered.
*Punches the punching bag in our garage.
*Cleans up spills.
*Digs the dirt out of my plant (see post here about this poor things past woes) with silverware he snatches out of the dishwasher at every opportunity.
*Everytime E gets off the computer, he runs as fast as his little legs will carry him to try to beat E back to it so he can 'play' computer games.
*Woofs everytime he sees a dog.
*Leads the music during sacrament meeting, and raises his hand in sustaining or thanks.
*Try's to summersault when E does.
*Takes his pitching stance: two hands on the ball, held over his right shoulder, crouches down, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it..... release!
*Plays polo with his plastic golf club and any ball he can find.
*Sings in the Kazoo.
*Sticks his tongue out when he likes the taste of something and wants more.
*Boxes with A and E while wearing the oven mits as boxing gloves (A and E have their own boxing gloves).
*Holds a popsicle on the popsicle itself, rather than sparing himself the freezer burn by holding the stick, in fact, can't figure out how to eat the darned thing if he is holding the stick.
*Loves to catch a beat.
*Tries desperately to entertain us at all times (succeeds most of the time).
*Gives kisses.
*Rides anything that resembles a bicycle.
*Does his darndest to figure out how to make those legs of his jump.
*Climbs, climbs, climbs.
*Has a vendetta against the number and letter magnets on the fridge, they must all come off, no matter the cost.
*'Washes' his hair.
If you don't love this kid, there is something not quite right in the attic.

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Amberly said...

he is pretty dang cute.. what in the world do we have to do to get them to speak??