Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Love About AZ

See, there ARE beautiful things in the desert:

The photography is not the greatest.

These are all in my yard. The first one: an Hibiscus. I LOVE orange Hibiscus. The second one, I have no idea what it is called, but we just planted this tree, and it has these wonderful yellow bell flowers on it (it's not the yellow bells bush, it will be a full sized tree one day...) and the third, again, I don't know the name, but I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing these beauties.

What are the pretty things in your yard?


Jeff and Ashleigh said...

That second one is a relative to the Oleander, I think. My dad had a tree like that in his yard, but I can't remember what it's called. I love those. You definitely have some pretty things in your yard.

We just moved into our new house and I absolutely LOVE the yard. There are too many beautiful things to list them all. But I'd have to say that my favorites are the rose bushes (so colorful and fragrant) and the four Aspen trees. They almost look like they're sparkling when the wind blows, and they sound so beautiful when the leaves are rustling. Anyway... Those would have to be the top of the list, but the whole yard is wonderful.

dustyperle said...

The bottom picture is a mexican bird of paradise. Not to be confused with the hawaiin bird of paradise which is totally different looking plant. I do love them. As for my yard I really love bougainville. I think they are the prettiest hot weather plant out there.So I think we have 7 of them all together and I would have more but I killed the other two. Green thumbs a little brown these days. Thanks for making me think about this alicia your great.

Anne said...

Right now the lavender blooms are full and the lilac tree has just shed its bloom but it is still beautiful all bushy and green. I am also in love with the garden in my backyard. I love watching the corn grow tall and the vine vegetables spread across the ground. We have tiny little pumpkins still green but the watermelon and the cantelope have yet to show up.