Wednesday, June 4, 2008


He is pretty quick, this guy. I gave the boys each a bowl of Lucky Charms as a snack (I don't normally have sugar cereals, but it was so cheap!) I went in to take a shower, came back out, M had eaten all of the marshmallows and conveniently avoided the nominally healthy cereal part. If he accidently got one of the offenders in his mouth, he promptly spit it back out, and searched for a tastier morsel.


Jeff and Ashleigh said...

I have EXACTLY the same problem if I give my kids cereal with marshmallows. Even Sarah will pick out only the yummy bites! Cute.

The Malone's said...

Isn't that funny! All kids must come with a built in radar for finding the marshmallows. My boys do the same thing.