Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy 1st

Happy Birthday to my baby!
Miss M. turned 1 year old today.
She has been a huge blessing in my life and is constantly a joy in our family.  She has by far been the easiest of my three babies.  She is content with life and is easily pleased.  She is an awesome eater, sleeper and self entertainer.  She loves her brothers and will follow Mr. M. around the house wanting to play with them.  She is crawling and crusing along the furniture.  She can stand on her own, but it still makes her nervous.  She waves goodbye and shakes her head yes and no (she is known for crawling towards something she is not supposed to touch shaking her head no the whole time, gets to her destination and proceeds to touch the forbidden).  She has 3 teeth, the bottom middle two and the top front left.  She has almost strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and amazing dimples.  She isn't overly sure about strangers, but quick to smile at those she knows well.  She is a happy, wonderful, amazing addition to our family.
I am so happy to know her.

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