Monday, September 19, 2011

I Don't Understand

Why does the crossing guard push the crosswalk button 18 times consecutively so the 'bee-beep' repeats over and over again? (This is not an exageration, I counted today).

Why don't maternity pants have pockets? Just because I'm rotund doesn't mean I couldn't use a handy place to stow my keys now and then.

Why do some car tire rims look like they're going backward when the wheels are really going forward?

Why do some flies come into my house and just fly around in circles? Couldn't they just do the same pointless activity outside?

Why is it acceptable to leave a shopping cart directly behind someone else's car, so they have to move it before they can leave the parking lot?

Why does bacon taste so good?

Why do little boy dimples melt my resolve?

Why do we still observe daylight savings?

Why am I always the one cleaning around the toilet when I am not the culprit of the messes? I make my target 100% of the time.

Why are there multiple 'Real House Wives of...' shows on TV, isn't one set of trashy rich people enough?

Why are my children so enamored of the Power Rangers?

1 comment:

Himesclan said...

I'm wondering why my maternity pants cannot fit just like my favorite pair of jeans? I'm not looking forward to the switch over. Good luck with finding answers and please share when you do. Love ya tons.