Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quirky Me

Everyone has things that they are particular about that are a little bit quirky to others. Here are my quirks:

If I'm drinking soda from a can I will never finish the entire drink, however, if I pour the same amount of soda in a cup, I will probably drink the whole thing.

When making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I always spread the peanut butter first, then the jelly. The reasoning behind this: I will eat peanut butter in other situations and thus don't want my pb contaminated with the jelly, I rarely eat jelly in any other form than pb&j, so a little pb in the jar is not that big of a deal. Also, my ratio of pb to j is very high, I really love the stuff.

Everytime I drive through a small town (population less than 1,000) I think to myself 'Where do these people get their ice cream that they can bring it home before it melts?'

I can not stand blankets and pillows on the floor. Even if the floor is covered with other sundry items, the blanekts and pillows must be cleaned up first. Then the mess is much more manageable.

I prefer pencils over pens, I like the scratchy feeling that comes with a pencil as I write.

Three things I will not share with anyone, including my husband: cups, towels, and my sleeping pillow. They are the only things I'm territorial over.


Amberly said...

soda out of a can is never as cold at the end as at the beginning, so it is not as appealing! I also like more pb than j and pillows and blankets are used regularly around here for forts, obstacle courses and the like... and are always the first things picked up. I do share cups, but not my pillow. ever.

Mande said...

That was pretty adorable. Ian gets so annoyed with the half full cans of soda I leave around the house.