Friday, September 24, 2010


Swirling through my head lately:

I have become a weather wimp. I went outside and got in the car, it registered 78 degrees. A little more than a year ago, 78 would have been truly arctic.

Several weeks ago M and I were watching So You Think You Can Dance, it was the Tahitian dance night. M was enraptured watching it, finally he said, 'Mom, look at her bum!', nothing but awe expressed in his tone.

I went out to frozen yogurt with my OC girls, it was totally bizarre to be the person in the group with the oldest children. Most of my girls are around my same age, but either started their families later or got married later than I did. It was a strange feeling.

I used to think that my mom was B-O-R-I-N-G when she watched Masterpiece Theater on PBS, but now I see her logic. Everything is better with a British accent (I'm surprised you didn't know that).

Sitting at the dinner table and heard this coming down the stairs from the bathroom: 'I did it! I went poop! It's coming out! My bum is dancing! Dancing! Dancing!'

M reading Hezekiah: 'And it came to pass that Boba Fett was a good guy.'

There are phrases that I thought I would ever say, and was positive that if I did say them, it wouldn't be more than once per day. One such phrase: Take your hands out of your pants.

There are two things are the horizon right now. A want and a need. The thing I want, I want it desperately, and the thing I need I also want, but not quite as desperately. They can't both happen at the same time. I think I know Heavenly Father's answer, but it's my need and does not have an immediate gratification factor. I'm frustrated. I sometimes feel like Jonah, running away from the lesson rather than doing what I'm asked and trusting the Lord. Why do I fight the things I'm supposed to be learning? Struggling against the currents and feel like I'm drowning along the way, instead of floating on my back with them and letting the lessons and oxygen come easily.

The songs, 'Where It's At?', by Beck, 'Last Goodbye', by Jeff Buckley, 'Kiss' by Prince and anything by George Michael, always make me want to sing and shake my booty, two of the things that I'm sure my fellow gym goers do not want me to do.

The thing I love most about my new to me car is that it looks expensive, but we got it for a steal! I am a girl who loves a bargain.

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