Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Boy Bed

At 3 1/2 M finally got a big boy bed. He never climbed out of his bed and since there are no Gilbert babies joining us soon, we put it off for as long as our consciences allowed. But we finally decided now that he's potty trained he is probably ready for this next step. He has done really well, he's only fallen out 1 time and snuck downstairs after bed time 1 time. I have had to alarm clock train him because the new freedom has allowed him to get out of bed before 7am, which is an absolutely no-go for me. He has been great about waiting for the alarm to go off since I instituted that policy. My baby really is a big boy.

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Keri Oke said...

hey girly, wow lots ogin on in the gilbert household. Glad you all are doing well. I think im gonna take you aprroach with our up and comming 4th kid on the way. ive always been known to put my kids in big boy beds like at 15 months. I know it sounds crazy but i love that age cause they are totally unaware of where they are and what they are doing. the dont fight nearly as much. its great, but i do have to say im looking forward to letting this baby being our last stay in the crib till it climbs out or is to old that its silly. I have never done that why not try with our last. I LOVE the alarm idea I have been contiplating that for months now and to see that it really works for you i may just join you in on that idea. thats terrific. nice seeing the kiddos and checking in on your guys. your boys are little chamers. Mason looks so much like Brian when he was a kid its crazy.