Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Anyone living in a two mile radius of my house that is interested in joining a dinner exchange group with three of the most wonderful cooks in all of Laveen?

Deirdre, Jackie and I exchange meals for our families once a week and are looking for a fourth family to include. I know there are some out there who deliver individual meals every night, but the way it has been most convenient for us is to all meet up on Tuesday nights, rotating houses where we meet, and exchange dinners for the rest of the week. Sometimes it's ingredients and a recipe, sometimes the meal is complete and ready to go from the fridge to the oven, whatever is most convenient for the person providing it. Each meal feeds 4 adults. Including sides is optional. And the person whose house we are meeting at provides a 'hot and ready' on that night, meaning the meal is ready to be taken home and eaten that night. It really is a lovely time saver for my family.
We're accepting applications (please include a sample of your most delicious dish) until the position is filled ;) (the applications part is for fun, if you're interested email one of us!)


Jeff and Ashleigh said...

OOOHHHHH!!! I would TOTALLY do that! If only I didn't live 700 miles away...

Kendra said...

Why did you post this without contacting me first??? I have been envious of your group for a while now.

Although, I'm not sure I'll pass muster. I've been getting out of the habit of fixing real meals lately.

I'm totally interested, though! Call me!