Friday, November 7, 2008

E's First Report Card

E got his first report card from Pre-K today.

In the comment section his teacher wrote:
"E is an energetic and kind child. An independent learner. Follows direction and enjoys helping others, specially the younger ones. Finds it difficult at times to concentrate on his work and finish it. I am trying to help him by motivating him to stay on task and finish his work."

The grading system is: C = Consistently, I = increasingly, P = Periodically, and S = Seldom
He got an I in:
Chooses appropriate work
Organizes learning activities
Demonstrates concentration
Displays a strong interest in learning and working
Individual work
Group Work
Completes cycle of work
Demonstrates persistence
Demonstrates sense of order
Awareness of and functions within reality
Ability to share
Sense of joy
Accepts guidance and direction
Exercises self-discipline
Shows responsibility for own actions

And he got a C in:
Copes with transitions and challenges
Displays confidence
Express feelings and needs
Relates well with peers
Joins in discussions
Participates and works appropriately in a group
Shows respect fo others and environment

No P's or S's!

Way to go E Boy!


Lindsay said...

Way to go, Ethan! Great job Alicia for raising a kid with manners, kindness, and enthusiasm. See you in the AM, I hope??!!

Colin -N- Lori said...

Can ya believe that our first borns are going to Kindergarten next year?!! He sounds like a chip off the old block!! I really wish I could know your kids, or even meet them! Hee, hee.