Saturday, September 29, 2007


So this morning I experienced my usual once-a-week-insomnia bout. M started crying at 2:30am, and since he doesn't need to eat at that time and didn't have a dirty diaper, I let him cry it out. Then I lay there convincing myself that I'm a terrible mother for letting my five-month-old cry for so long. He did eventually go back to sleep after a little while (he's a stubborn one, cute, but stubborn), but after he was done, I was mysteriously wide awake. I was up for about 2 hours, just thinking. Sometimes I wish I could turn off my brain. What did I think about you say? I'm not sure, just everything, and nothing important enough to remember now.
E slept in this morning until 7:45am, which I was very grateful for. And he even let me go back to sleep while he watched cartoons. Usually when I try to go back to bed he comes in to 'check' on me every 10 minutes to see if I'm still asleep, it's not very restful. But he is a very sweet boy.
I also wanted to post a very cute story about him. For his birthday he got a 'Woody' doll (from Toy Story). It was the only present he'd asked for (he got way more than that, but this was THE present for some reason). After his party last Saturday we went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (as always, scrumptious). Both of my boys were exhausted after such a big day, and M was having a very hard time in the car on the way home. E was distraught that M was crying so much and kept telling him, "I'm sorry M, there's nothing I can do". When we got here (M finally gave up crying and fell asleep about 3 blocks from home), I get out of the car to get Mn, and E had put his new Woody doll in M's car seat to try to help him feel better. It was so sweet, I just about cried. I have a wonderful boy!


Amberly said...

oh that is such a darling story! it's the things they do when we're not watching that make or break us I think. we love your ethan boy at our house too. as for the insomnia, why is it that never happens to dads??

Becky Porter said...

thanks for sharing that great story, Alicia! As Jeff just said, "That seems like a pretty typical story about him; he's a good kid."

Halterman Happenings said...

I didn't know you had a blog until I saw the link on Becky's page! Welcome to the blogging world! That's a great story about your sweet boys!

Becky Porter said...

Alicia, got your note in the mail this week...thanks so much! :)