Monday, September 24, 2007

E's Birthday

Today is E's fourth birthday. It makes me feel really old to have him be that old. For his party he had his friends Briant, Max, Cooper, Dallin, Bree and his cousin Jacob over to our house on Saturday to play on a bouncy house water slide, break the pinata, open presents and eat cake. I felt slightly bad because we loaded the kids up with all those goodies then sent them home at 5:30, right before dinner time. But all the kids had fun, so that was good.
The strangest thing that being a mother has done for me was give me an understanding of why the first prostitute probably started doing what she did. Mothers will do things for their children that they wouldn't do for anyone else on earth. Don't worry, I'm not considering taking up this profession, it was just a thought that I had recently. Before I had kids I was baffled as to why someone would sink that low, now it's a little more clear.

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