Monday, April 23, 2012


I started P90X on Friday -- Owwww This system is no joke, it is really tough. But I'm gonna finish it. My friend Katie is doing it with me. It's great to have someone here with me to laugh with when we need a light moment through the pain. I haven't taken my before picture yet, but probably will tomorrow when A. is home. I'm pretty sure I will not post them, maybe at the end, we'll see. Miss M. got her first tooth a few weeks ago -- Owwww, she said. I'm a little sad that she's started so early. Her little gummy smile will be gone soon, and I love that gummy smile. I guess I'll fall in love with a new toothy one. Started teaching Mr. M. how to read using the SRA Distart Reading Program. Sometimes his brain says Owwww. This is an amazing teaching program that I used with E. and he picked it up quickly. Mr. M. is a little slower going, but their learning styles are different, I have to remember that. He loves to look at books and be read to, it will be fun for him to do it himself. He starts Kindergarten this year, I'm hoping this will help him have a leg up. He's a smart boy, he'll get it and he will be so happy. A. is thinking about competing in the Olympics for his profession. It's been several year since he's trained to compete, so he's starting to really push himself. Sometimes he says Owwww. E. scored his first touchdown in football on Friday night. He didn't say Owwww, I just had to tell everyone what a proud mama I am of him. On the way home he wanted to know if we could start partying to celebrate, it was 830pm, past bedtime so the partying had to wait a few hours.

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The last Unicorn said...

I saw Katie running into your house today and I had a feeling that is what you girls were up to! Good for you!!! I have tried P90X a few times, but I am horrible about working out at home. I may need to give it a try again once I get the OK to do something that hard core :) And I will have to remember that reading system for future use. Right now we are just working on talking!