Monday, December 26, 2011

In Love

I was so nervous I wouldn't be. I was afraid I wouldn't like this little miss very much. I remembered how hard brand new babies are, and I was scared.
But: I am In Love.
She is so laid back and easy, if she cries there is a reason. She sleeps like a champ, eats predictably, and is about the sweetest thing I've seen in at least 4 years.
I love her blond but long eyelashes, her tiny toe nails, the wrinkle around her wrists, her double dimpled cheeks, the way she bops herself in the nose when she sneezes, her cry that sounds like an 'h', the tai chi she performs when she has a full tummy and is checking the world out, her friar tuck hairstyle, the puppy noises she makes when she's sleeping.
It's almost not fair how much I get to love her.


Shiloh McKinnon said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

The last Unicorn said...

She sounds amazing! I need to come and see her once again. I bet she has changed so much since the hospital. I am glad you are doing well and she sounds like a good newborn. yeah!

Amberly said...

It is evident how much love this little girl has brought into your life and home, I'm so glad you have her. congratulations!!!