Friday, July 15, 2011


There is not much I like better than fresh garden tomatoes, sprinkled with a little salt = perfection (thanks to our new neighbors for sharing their bounty. We planted our tomatoes a little late, so right now we only have baby ones).

The weather has been so nice the last week, I am not excited about the heat wave coming next week, but we lived in AZ, I'll survive.

E got second place in his backstroke race on swim team a couple of weeks ago, this is the highest he's placed and we were very excited for him! While he's not a natural at swimming he does love it and has improved heaps since starting the swim team in April.

Have you tried Baskinn Robins Chocolate Toffee Crunch? Do so now... you won't regret your decision to take my advice.

Itching for a real vacation, A doesn't have any vacation slots this summer so we're hanging at home.

Just read a good book: Midwives by Chris Bohjalian, the title sounds like it would be l-a-m-e, but it was very good. Rated PG-13 though.

We bought a CA state parks pass this summer, which gets us day use of most state beaches and a lot of other parks that we are hoping to get to go see. Have to use it 6 more times before next July for it to pay for itself, but with above mentioned heat wave approaching I don't see that as an obstacle.

Trying to figure out a good way to teach M to stop spitting, possible solution: today gave a good drop of hot sauce on his tongue, hoping lesson sinks in. (He spits just randomly, everywhere, started it about a week ago, and has progressed to spitting at his brother when he's mad, unacceptable.)

E has stopped biting his fingernails, hooray! It was getting bad, he was gnawing them to bleeding. We instituted that if we caught him doing it he had to pay us $1. This boy loves his money, so losing it was an effective tool. He only ended up having to pay us $2 total, so I'm glad this was a quickly learned achievement.

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