Thursday, May 26, 2011


I never really thought of myself as a materialistic sort of person. But unpacking all of my THINGS really made me question that. I love my THINGS not because I feel more important because of them or the status that they appear to hold (believe me there is not much in this house that others would necessarily covet) but because they are MY things. Having lived with someone else THINGS, having to take care of THINGS I don't have any sentimental attachment too, has really made me appreciate the THINGS that I do have. It was like unpacking a few lost friends. THINGS I had missed greatly and THINGS I'd forgotten how much I loved them. Each THING that came out of the boxes brought a little sigh of relief that my life was coming back to me, that the THINGS that I have are just the right amount and that these THINGS represent who I am and how I take care of my family and the importance I place in making this home a happy comfortable place for us to grow in. I'm so happy to be surrounded by THINGS that make my most important PEOPLE happy.

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Anne said...

I TOTALLY understand!!! Enjoy your THINGS!