Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer 2010

July is nearly over, I was astonished to see that my last post was clear back in May, I'm truly a blacker (that's blogging slacker, for those who need a translation).

E finished his first year of school, he is so ready to be a 1st grader, he can hardly wait. He told me earlier this week that he misses school: he misses recess, he misses lunch, he misses science time. He hasn't really had much time to be bored yet. We went up to my dad's for the 4th of July, spent a day at Lake Tahoe and watched the fire works. My brother and his family were there, and that means that E's most-favorite-person-in-the-whole-wide-world was there. His cousin Jacob and him have a love that transcends cousinhood. I think they would never tire of each other. We went to Grover's Hot Springs swam in the hot and cold pools, fed a squirrel gold fish crackers and apples, took a hike (upon M's insistence), were eaten my mosquitoes, and had delicious ice cream. We went to the shooting range and the boys got to shoot guns. Jacob introduced E to pinball on grandpa's computer. Jacob came home with us and spent 5 days, we went to the park and played croquet, went to the beach and tide pools, and they went to Nickel Nickel, a super arcade. The spent hours upon hours of laughing and entertaining each other. When reading our daily scriptures in the Old Testament they read about the King of Tyre. They could not stop laughing at the hilarity of that title. Parting was bitter, E asks everyday when we are going to see Jacob again, and is not satisfied with the October date on the calendar slotted for our next Jacob sighting.

By the way Jacob loves On-Star and subsequently has convinced my children that all people should love it just as all encompassingly. When I say that Jacob loves On-Star, you don't quite get the fullness of that love. He really-really-really is passionate about that most amazing of services. He was very pleased with A and me for having not one but two vehicles which are On-Star capable.

Last Tuesday one of MY very favorite people was in town. My very good friend Erika was here from Tuscon spending a week at the beach and I was so happy to go down to San Clemente to spend the day with her. She has a daughter, Bree, who is E's age. When E and Bree were 2 and 3 years old they were peas and carrots. I thought for sure when I told E that we were going to the beach to see Bree he wouldn't remember her. But he knew who I was talking about. It took them a while to re-warm up, but they had a great time.

The waves at the beach that day were crazy. A went out swimming and a lifeguard had to go save him. Well, I exaggerate. The lifeguard just went after him to tell him that if he didn't have fins on he shouldn't go more than waist deep since the currents were too strong. It was just very funny to see the lifeguard running out there with his little red buoy to 'save' my extra strong swimmer husband, I had a great chuckle about it. He was not at all even close to drowning.

M is potty training this week, and is doing really well, has had one accident on the carpet and on the grass outside. I don't really think the grass was an accident, it was a deliberate move from that boy. But I'm very proud of him (not for the grass part but the rest of the achievements) and very excited to not have to buy diapers anymore. He is a very funny kid and makes me laugh frequently.

I am doing well, I had my 33rd birthday last week and went for pedicures with my girls Jodie, Kim, and Lindsay, then out to eat a yummy lunch at La Creperie where Lori, Mindy and Tiara joined up with us. We had a great time, I need more girls days. A had to work that day so it was very nice to have them there supporting me. When we moved to this ward I was determined to not get attached to anyone since this living arrangement is temporary, but these girls make it awfully hard to not be attached. I am now the Activities Committe chairman in our ward. I've had this calling before and I'm just being honest when I tell you that it is not my favorite calling. We live in a ward that is very tradition oriented and I hate ruffling feathers, but also see that changes are needed, so I have to take them on. The last time I had this calling I made some enemies, I'm hoping it doesn't happen again. I'm getting antsy for something lately, I can't put my finger on what that something is, but I've got the itches for it whatever it may be. I am doing well and am happy to report that the discomfort I was feeling a few months ago are mostly subsided. My relationship with E is exponentially better than it was and I am beyond grateful for the healing influence of the Spirit in my life. Time and patience really were the cure (as much as I HATE the 'P' word, it does work.... drat.... when will I ever learn that lesson?).

A bought a surfboard and has been putting it to good use. It was his present to himself for moving from one phase of his probationary work to the second and easier phase. He is a hard worker and amazing husband, I think he's pretty great.

There is so much more in this brain of mine...

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