Thursday, March 4, 2010

THAT mom

Maybe it was the head cold compounded by allergies.

Maybe it was the fact that it is an 'El Nino Year'.

Maybe it was that I was hungry.

Maybe it was the hormones that come with certain female occurances.

Maybe it was that I need new shoes.

Maybe it was the sight of my six-year-old son being pinned by a four-year-old girl and not being able to get out that made my vision tunnel and me shout across the mat: "Get out and flip her over!"

Yes, friend, I have become THAT mom.

I have never categorized myself as a competitive person, but we've signed E up for Jui Jitsu classes, and quite honestly, it's painful to watch my non-agressive child underneath a little girl. Picture a girl in pig tails sitting on top of him, biting her fingenails, waving to her friends, putting as little effort into the activity as possible.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the fact that she is a girl that turned my periforal vision black, and my voice to boom so that every other parent in the room stopped their conversation with the neighbors and their heads to whip around and look at THAT mom.

Apparently I am that mom who gets in a coach's face when her T-baller is called out when he was obviously safe, apparently I am that mom who insists that her pee-wee footballer be the starting QB, apparently I am that mom who loses control when her she sees 4-7 year old wrestling matches going unfavorably in her son's direction.

I mean honestly, it's just a wrestling match between a Kindergartner and a Pre-Schooler, breathe, Alicia, breathe.


Courtney said...

I love that you are this mom! I can just picture it. And it's a great sight in my head :)

Anne said...

I didn't get a chance to respond earlier but when I read this again, I just had to say..."Oh, you're one of "those" Mom's! Hahahhahahahhaaaaa I wish I could have been there!!!

I almost have Peter convinced that Disney and a night with the Gilberts is as important as visiting family! If it doesn't work out this summer we might try to work it as we are on our way to Japan. Maybe we can make an extended layover in CA.

Keep Trying said...

Ha ha I went to comment and found that someone said exactly what I was thinking. I love that you are "that mom"! Great story. Made me smile. Next time I hear a screaming mama from the stands at a wrestling match I will think of you. Pigtails! LOL!