Saturday, August 1, 2009

For Jodi

Part of this post is for Jodi, who made me sware on my life that my kids would be beach goers. I had not followed up on this promise until last Saturday. It's a shame really, we are rediculously close and I have been a slacker. I'm not sure who follows surfing news, but the weekend that we chose to go, the waves were enormous! The pictures do not do it justice. The beach patrol kept driving past telling us we were putting our lives at risk if we went in to the water more than knee deep, they'd had over 200 (I think thats right, if not totally accurate, very close thereto) rescues the day before. M had no problem following their advice, he isn't much for water. A on the other hand couldn't keep himself out. E was okay to not be too deep in the water, but if conditions had been more agreeable he would have been boogie boarding.

E is riding a bike with no training wheels! Hooray for E! I know it's a little later than average, but he figured it out in about 3 minutes, so I'm sure he was ready a while ago and I just never got on top of it. We owe thanks to uncle Matthew for being the motivator.
E can't wait to ride bikes with his cousins.


The McKinnon 4 said...

Yeah when we were just there in Oceanside they were huge and we watched a few rescues. At a nearby beach a guy actually got slammed up against the rocks and died! I am good to stay at knee deep

moodge said...

You make me proud!

The Malone's said...

Oh how I miss the beach, I'm glad that you get to go and enjoy. Next year, you should get the boys into surfing lessons!