Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At Last

Mostly a journaling post, probably won't be too exciting, just for my personal remembrances.

Our family is back together again! The boys and I made our move to Orange County 2 Saturdays ago. I owe a huge thank you to my friends the Whitmores and the Thorsons for letting me load all of our stuff up in their trucks and for driving all the way out here with me, I have champion friends! Also a huge thank you to Steve Faller, he brought about 15 Scouts over to my house to help load up the trucks. They had everything out of the house in about an hour and a half. From the ward were also the Andersons, Brothers Hale, Lund, Wallace, Poulsen, Kartchner, and Barnes and from the Stake Brother Higginbotham.
It is such a relief to be back with my sweetie, and have the boysback with their hero. Even though he is still hugely busy with training, it makes the days so much smoother to have him around when he is home.
We are still living out of boxes, which makes for a lot of personal frustration, just because I don't know where all of my stuff is, which is one of my pet peeves. I have misplaced a box that has all of our credit card statements, medical information, bank info and our rental lease contract, so I'm stressing about that, I'm going to have to fast tomorrow for help finding it, because I just can't relax about it.
Our renters are in and I'm praying that they turn out to be good tenants, they seem pretty on the ball about things, so here's the proverbial knock on wood.
The weather has been so wonderful that my boys are able to go outside and play for several hours at a time. We've made one trip to Disneyland, our in-laws bought us season passes, so we're able to go almost any time we want. E loves it, M isn't terribly sure yet.
Our ward seems pretty good, a nice mix of families at different stages. So hopefully we'll find our niche.
I do miss Arizona, despite the heat I was very happy there. I loved the layout of my house and have such amazing friends that it was very sad to leave.
Upward and Onward.

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Lindsay said...

sounds like you're getting cozy in your new place. glad you're back with adam, and things are running a littl more like it should having family back together. take care, hope all goes well with you in your new place. lots of love, and a friendship your way. lindsay