Friday, December 19, 2008

My Thoughts on a House of Boys

My life is a life of boys. I have a husband who is all boy through and through, two sons who are also boy through and through and I also babysit 3 little boys.
Out of all the people I know I am the last person to have expected that my life was to be filled to such large doses of testosterone on a daily basis (add that to PCOS and you've got one hormonal scale leaning towards the extreme).
I love my boys but some days I can't figure out what I've gotten myself into. Take for example the threat that I issued last week in the car to one of babysittees:
"Hunter, I'm going to take that gun away if you can't be nice to people with it" ---------
Hmmm, how is it possible that those words came out of my mouth in that order, and how is that a reasonable threat, how is it possible to be nice to people when playing with a toy gun?
I love my boys but there are times when I wish that certain phrases didn't have to be uttered, (now that I've sat down to write about it, they are all escaping me).
Maybe someday Heavenly Father will see fit to throw in a little more estrogen to counteract the effects that the XY chromosomes are heaping upon me.

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