Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Am Grateful For E

I have felt very strongly that I need to post how grateful I am for E.
We had friends visiting on Sunday and she commented to me 'Is E always that obedient?', the answer is yes, he is always that obedient. He's a good boy.
Last night at dinner he said, 'Mom, you're great'. A asked him, 'Why is mommy so great?' E said, 'Because that's how Heavenly Father made her'. A few seconds later he said, 'He made you great, and me to be with you.'
Another one of E's good characteristics is he's very honest. Even if he knows he's going to get in trouble he tells the truth.
He loves to learn.
He loves to read the scriptures, after we're done with our family scripture reading at night he asks, 'Okay, so what did Nephi say?'
He's very creative. On Sunday he'd gotten into trouble and thus was not allowed to watch any movies. All day he was thinking of ways to get around this predicament. He would say, 'Well, daddy can watch a movie today, he's not in trouble.'
He's very enthusiastic. If he knows that something exciting (or just moderately so) is imminent, he will say cheers, jump up and down, etc.
He wants to be the best at everything.
He loves to 'be the expert' at things. Yesterday he was helping me make a cake. He was the expert at turning the standmixer on, and I was the expert at telling him when to turn the standmixer on.
He has an amazing memory.
He's very caring. One day M was making me crazy. I said, 'M, I just can't handle you right now' and walked away. (He was crying about something, I'm not sure what.) E jumped up and said, 'I can handle it!', got M's pacifier and stuck it in his mouth.
He has a very tender heart. We watched the movie, "Charlotte's Web", (the live action one, not the cartoon), and he sobbed when the spider died.
He loves to help.
He is kind.
He's polite, he almost always remembers to say Thank You. Oftentimes after he's had an exceptionally fun day he'll say 'Daddy' (or Mommy), 'Thank you for taking me to...' (fill in the blank).
He loves to talk; most of the time I would label this under the things I could do with out. Today, however, I am choosing to recognize that this is a positive. He loves to interact with people and express his love for them. And this is also a way to satisfy his curiosity about the world around him. The day he received his blessing from A when he was about 3 weeks old, A told him that he is 'A curious, curious boy', words have never been more true about E.
He values friendships more than any other kid I've ever seen.
He is very healthy.
More than anything, E is a miracle. He blesses my life everyday. He loves me, his daddy, and his brother. If I were to post every one of E's incredible attributes this would be a post too long to bother reading.
He's a JOY.


Jeff and Ashleigh said...

Alicia, you are so sweet. I really need to take a page from your book and consciously recognize the wonderful qualities of my kids too. They can be so frustrating at times, but they really all are a blessing and all have different aspects of their personalities that I truly appreciate.

Ethan sounds like a very kind, bright little boy. Congratulations on helping him cultivate his god-given personality. You're a great mom.

Amberly said...

ethan gilbert is our "brest friend."